Upholding The Legacy of the Prophets

Credible leadership of Ulama and Asatizah

Pergas dedicates in raising the quality of Islamic Education and Welfare of the Islamic Religious Teachers (Asatizah). The association was initiated by our senior reputable teachers (masyaikh), amongst many were the late Kiyai Hj Zoohri Mutamim, Ustaz Hj Daud Ali, Ustaz Hj Idris Ahmad, Tuan Guru Hj Said Ibrahim and Ustaz Hj Amin Muslim.

Over the years, the role of the Islamic religious teachers (Asatizah) has transformed to serve the increased expectations of the Malay/ Muslims society and ever changing da’wah landscape in Singapore. It evolved from traditional leadership roles, to assuming more versatile roles that contribute to shaping positive public opinion of the Muslim community.

Scholars (‘Ulama) and religious teachers (Asatizah) today, play multiple roles by acquiring specialised knowledge in different fields. Their roles extend beyond the traditional madrasah classrooms and mosques, allowing them to function as Socio-religious scholars, Lecturers, Administrators, Writers, Research Analysts, Entrepreneurs and Curriculum Developers in Mosques and other Islamic institutions.

As an organisation that “Upholds the legacy of the Prophet”, PERGAS strives to participate actively in Singapore’s civil society. One of the ways is through public engagement on issues pertaining to the Muslim community, such as the Compulsory Education (2000); the Hijab or Tudung issue in National Schools (2002); Jemaah Islamiah (2002/03); Casino & Gambling proposals (2004); Isreali aggression on Palestine (2008); Danish Caricature (2007); Homosexual & Gay rights (2008), Innocence of the Muslim (2012), Gaza Crisis (2012), Rohingya Mass Killing (2013), Merciless Killing in Rabaah (2013), Tudung Issue (2013), HPB FAQ on Sexuality (2014).

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Developing a generation of Asatizah who are experts in guiding the community

What We Do

In acknowledging the dynamism of the contemporary world, the Asatizah Development and Training Department of Pergas aims to provide asatizah; from tertiary scholars to professionals, the opportunity to continuously upgrade their skills. We also recognise the need for asatizah to be equipped in multi-disciplines.

Pergas aspires to develop asatizah who are steadfast and well-grounded in preserving and upholding the principles and traditions of Islam while internalising the dynamism of Islamic disciplines with the social sciences. Nowadays, asatizah are also expected to assume corporate values such as Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement; Personal Education, Training and Retraining; Social Involvement and Development and Cultivating the Spirit of Compassion.

Community Dakwah Outreach Department is based on Taa’ruf and Ta’aun, which is aimed at instilling proper awareness and relevant networking among the various Muslim organizations and student bodies.

Our mission is to enhance and propagate proper understanding and awareness and creating catalyst of dakwah by empowering the proper tools based on Islamic traditions of Ilmu(Knowledge), Amal(Practice), Al-Khauf(Fear of Allah), Al-Wara(Abstinence) and Ikhlas(Doing something for the sake of Allah alone).

We strive to better serve the community, stem mutual alliances and bridge the gap between Pergas, the Muslim community and other inter-faith organisations.

As Singapore Muslim community faces more challenges, Pergas recognizes the need to address current socio-religious issues from the perspective of Islam and in the context of Singapore. Therefore Pergas Research Development Department was formed in 2013 with a specific aim to provide a credible religious leadership through academic research, writings and discussions which focus on three main themes namely religious leadership, Islamic education and asatizah development.

Apart from that, the department has taken the role in preserving and sustaining the legacy and heritage of local asatizah and Islamic Scholars. It undertakes documentation of Singapore Islamic heritage which focuses on the history and contributions of local asatizah and Islamic Scholars as well as bibliography of their writings. At the same time, the department encourages and moulds writing culture within the asatizah community and promotes their writings to the community through the publication of Jurnal Dakwah and Ar-Risalah (Pergas newsletter).

To compliment Pergas Research Development, Syed Ahmad Semait Reference Library (SASRL) was launched in October 2013. SASRL is a specialized library that holds key information of resources for the benefit of the asatizah, Pergas members and IPIP students. Pergas hopes to enrich it’s niche in producing collection of writings, dissertations and academic papers of local asatizah.

Institut Pengajian Islam Pergas (IPIP) or Pergas Institute for Islamic Education was established to provide structured higher level Islamic education for the Muslim community in Singapore.  IPIP aims to promote comprehensive life-long learning initiatives in raising the standards of Islamic education in Singapore. The institution receives a high number of new enrolments every year that includes graduates from full-time Madrasahs, working adults, full-time homemakers and even retirees.

Among the programmes offered by IPIP, includes the modular Arabic Language courses, and Certificates, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate programmes in Islamic Studies. One of the most popular programme is the Bachelor in Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Heritage (BIRKH) which is offered in collaboration with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Having the ultimate aim of raising the standards of Islamic education in Singapore, Pergas sits on the preterm committee of Private Islamic Education Centre Committee facilitated by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS).

Visit our ipip.sg for more info.


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